So, after some excellent advice from two of my favourite people on LinkedIn (shout out to Jo Watson of agoodwriteup and Stuart Walton of Get Pro Copy Ltd), I have decided to take the plunge. Yes, I’m finally biting the bullet and I’ve made the decision to transition to go full time as a freelance copywriter.

Harbour Kid Media has been something I’ve had going for quite some time. I’ve pretty much been writing from the moment I could read and it didn’t take long for me to realise that between my understanding of language and that insatiable creativity that’s always been going on in my head, it was something I clearly had the knack for.

I really started to get serious about it during my time working in recruitment. A lot of the time it felt like there were about sixteen different agencies all competing for the same candidates and they were just churning the same old copy and pasted job specs, pretending that was passable for a job advert. It wasn’t working. The company I worked for was doing the same thing at the time and I knew I could do better. So after a conversation with my boss at the time, I started writing our job ads differently. I could see how important it was for us to be able to engage with candidates and I knew I could do that with the ideas I had in mind. Sure enough, my hunch was right. Passive candidates who previously ghosted me like I was some guy on Tinder whose most vigorous conversation starter was “hi” started replying to me on LinkedIn telling me how although they initially weren’t looking for a new job, the ad I’d sent them had piqued their interest and they wanted to know more. If only internet dating could be that easy, but I digress.

By this point, I’d started writing content and running social media accounts for things I really enjoyed. Being the nerd I am, I got involved with a company in the cosplay scene (basically all-year-round Halloween for nerds) in Ireland who needed a copywriter and running their Instagram turned into doing the copy for their website and running a weekly blog for them too and Harbour Kid Media has just kind of snowballed from there into this thing that I know is what I’m meant to do.

Between recruitment agencies, geek apparel companies and estate agents, I’ve written for quite the variety at this point and it’s time for me to take that leap. What’s this got to do with you? Well, don’t you think it’s about time your business took its own leap? I can make your brand take that next step and really speak to your customers while you can get on with the important things – running your business. Find out how an honest, straight-talking copywriter from Belfast can make your business shine and get in touch.

Come on, what are you waiting for? Take the plunge.