So, what can you do for my business?

Well that largely depends on what you need.

I write copy, blogs and do social media management too, tailoring my services to what you require.

Whether it’s writing engaging job ads to bring all the right kinds of candidates to your door or creating blogs to really illustrate the best things about your business and show off the exciting things you’re doing, I can take charge of the wordy stuff so you can focus on what you do best – chatting to candidates! I don’t operate on a one size fits all basis either. This is your business, not a pair of socks from Primark. I tailor my services to you and as such charge on a project basis. You’ll only pay for what you need.

Shoot me a message here and we can have a wee chat.

Do you actually know what you’re doing or are you just blagging this?

Take a look at my recommendations below. The clients I’ve worked with can attest to the fact that I’m the real deal.

What’s with the nautical theme?

I’m a born and raised Belfast lad. Wanted a brand that was on point for what I’m all about. Honest, raw and you know witty ship puns.



From the very beginning, Eli was amazing to work with.

He is a very focused young man who puts his all into the job at hand and it is one to be admired.

He has a very strong work ethic and never misses a deadline.

He is quite elegant with his wording, I found that I would suggest something to him and he could take that idea and deliver it a million times better than how I originally planned it.

Eli’s penmanship is incredible. I have never been that good at putting words into an elegant manner and it brings me a lot of anxiety when I think about doing it. However no matter how scared I was or how often I would look at him with terror on my face because I would have no clue how to say what I wanted to say for my website and such. Working with Eli always brought a sense of calm and trust.

Trust that I hope all future customers of Eli get to experience because it is incredible.

With the trust he brings me for my business and dependability, I know I am in safe hands with this smart witty young man.

Max Mangan, New Wolf Studios

Eli Mottram is honestly a brilliant writer. I had the privilege and pleasure of working with Eli last year and if I am honest, my job would have been 10x harder if I didn’t have his creative and “thinking outside the box” mentality to work with. His writing eye-catching adverts and personal touch emails would attract the best talent that we could ask for and furthermore assist in making our partnerships profitable.

If you would are looking for someone to assist you with your marketing or looking for a great copywriter then please look no further than Mr. Mottram.

Matt Stewart, Vincent Gurney Ltd